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CHA Certified in Western style riding, Riding Instructor – Horse Trainer, Heidi Partlow can be reached by email at heidi7124@yahoo.com or cell at (510) 575-2644.

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Certified Horsemanship Instructor, Heidi Partlow has been riding and learning of horses for 47 years after she got her first pony. 

Growing up in Parker, Texas, Heidi would spend countless hours with her horses, breeding, training and showing most of her life. She now has a fluid concept of riding, training and instructing. 

Her favorite trainers that have inspired her through the years are John Lyons, Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox. 

Heidi is currently teaching all ages and learning styles from Basics to Advanced Horsemanship skills at Cavallo Riding Center. 

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"Horseback riding is therapeutic and can be a beneficial pastime to spend for the whole family."

- ​Heidi Partlow